Audit and related services are the basic services provided by our company.


Reliable information is a key to effective decision-making.


You need to have faith in all your systems, controls and financial records.

MCD is the largest auditing firm in St. Petersburg and the only St. Petersburg auditing company accredited to audit the World Bank's projects in Russia. MCD has had experience of working with the World Bank since 1999 and undertaken audit assignments for the World Bank in Russia and the Republic of Uzbekistan.
MCD is a leading auditor of EBRD projects in Russia.
Key competitive advantages of MCD are:
  • provision of comprehensive professional services under Russian and international standards
  • experience of working with all-Russian leading companies, international companies and international financial organizations, including EBRD and IBRD
  • unexceptionable business reputation for over 20 years of audit practice
  • professional staff
  • high corporate culture
  • modern technologies, methodologies and auditing standards

MCD operates in compliance with both Russian legislation and international professional standards.
The quality of services provided by MCD is confirmed by independent quality control reviews by:
  • 2021 – external scheduled quality control check by the Self-regulatory organization of auditors Association "Sodruzhestvo" (SRO AAS).
  • 2017 – external scheduled quality control check by the Federal Treasury Department in St. Petersburg.